At YFM, we believe it’s important to know where your food comes from. Here, you can find information on the more than 40 farmers and producers who grow the food you’ll find at the market each day.

Oxford County

Hoogenboom Farms

The Hoogenboom family grows delicious and refreshing English cucumbers that are available at YFM all season long!

Oxford County

Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese

Thursday and Friday just wouldn’t be complete at the market without Gunn’s Hill Cheese Curds! Fresh, squeeky, and perfectly salted.

Elgin County

Clovermead Apiary

We carry a variety of honey including buckwheat, wild blueberry, summer blossom and a delicious cinnamon honey spread.

Waterloo Region

Anna Mae’s

Baked goods including tarts, squares, bread, muffins, sweet buns, cookies, and the most delicious fruit pie you’ve ever tasted.

Norfolk County

Berkel Greenhouse

We source greenhouse grown Red, Orange, Yellow and Green sweet bell peppers all season long!

Oxford County

DeDreu Farms

De Dreu Farms is a family-owned farm producing nutrient-packed cabbage and broccoli in a sustainable way.

Oxford County

Koteles Farms

This family farm provide YFM with farm fresh asparagus, daily during the harvest season.

Oxford County

Lettuce Alive

All season we have a supply of amazing, hydroponic boston and green leaf lettuce. We also source fresh basil with the root still attached, when available.

Norfolk County

Welsh Farms

Welsh Farms near Scotland is our primary supplier of sweet corn, and do we sell a lot of sweet corn!

Elgin County

Weesjes Greenhouses Ltd.

From April to December, we carry beefsteak tomatoes, tomatoes on the vine, cocktail tomatoes, and grape tomatoes at the market.

Oxford County

Thames River Melons Ltd.

This grower is known for their asparagus and delicious cantaloupe, and we bring them in as soon as they are ready, starting in June and continuing through the end of September! 

Norfolk County

White’s Family Farm

New crop white potatoes and super sweet carrots are sourced at this family farm.

Middlesex County

Rolling Ridge Maple Syrup

For three generations, the Robson’s have been dedicated to providing consumers with the first taste of spring year round. 

Middlesex County

Sassy’s Bakery

All season long, Sassy’s provides us with fresh baking including bread, kaiser buns, hot dog buns, dinner rolls, and so much more. 

Norfolk County

Wholesome Pickins

Fresh-picked strawberries are a market favourite and can be found through most of our season!

King County

Ravine Mushroom Farm

Beautiful cremini, portabello, white button, and sliced mushrooms come from this family farm in King County.

Elgin County

Murray Farms

Beginning in early July, the Murray Family farm delivers fresh, juicy raspberries to YFM. The season continues through until the end of September.

Norfolk County

Falcon Blueberries

The Falcon family grows more than 20 acres of highbush blueberries, giving us a six-week season to enjoy this tasty fruit. 

Chatham-Kent County

Delhaven Orchard

It’s hard to beat the flavour and taste of freshly pressed apple cider like the juice available from September through to May.

We also source cherries from Delhaven, beginning in June.

Niagara County

Sun-Ray Orchards

The Short family knows how to practice what they peach! Growing tenderfruit like peaches, plums, and nectarines is part of their rich family history of four generations.

Bruce County

Ralph Pitt Produce

Rutabaga are grown and harvested by the Ralph Pitt family near Walkerton.

Norfolk County

Denboer Family Farm

Green onions, radish, beets, parsnip, and purple topped turnip are just a few of the vegetables grown by the Denboer family near Simcoe.

Waterloo Region

Country Corner Greenhouse

Each season begins with a bloom of flowers and hanging baskets and ends with gorgeous pots of potted mums, grown by our friends at Country Corner Greenhouse.

Oxford County

Blue Cow Delivery

Hewitt’s Dairy and Gay Lea products are delivered weekly to YFM markets, bringing in fresh milk, cream, butter, and more.

Oxford County

Bright’s Cheese and Butter

Established in 1874, this historic cheese factory continues to produce award winning dairy products made from local milk.

Elgin County

Luke’s Tortilla Chips

Authentically made tortilla chips are a new addition at YFM in 2019. Thin and crips, these popular chips come in 3 flavours.

Waterloo Region

Kountry Kitchen Cupboard

Homemade flavours are abundant in the jams and preserves produced by Nancy Gingerich and her staff. Pickles, salsa, jam, and jellies are all available throughout the YFM season. 

Oxford County

Veldman Farms

White and brown eggs are available by the dozen or the flat and they are raised with care by the Veldman family of Embro.

Oxford County

Quality Sheep Milk

The Morris family has a rich history of dairy and cheese production. Today, they are milking sheep and turning it into authentic feta, gouda, cheddar, and manchego cheese as well as yogurt.

Norfolk County

Boots Farms

Green and Yellow beans are a staple at YFM. They’re grown by the Boots family near Scotland, Ontario. 

Brussel Sprouts, Leeks, and Dill are a few additional vegetables sources by YFM.

Oxford County

Krug’s Meats

Fresh pork and beef products from Krug’s Meat Market in Tavistock arrives twice a week at YFM.

Sausage, bacon, weiners, smoked pork chops, meat pies, and even turtle burgers can be found at market.

Norfolk County

Marston Produce

If you like to make your own pickles and relish, then you’re familiar with the cucumbers that grow on the Marston farm.

Special bulk orders can be placed in July.

Elgin County

Howe Family Farm

Strawberries, Squash, Waterlmelon, and Pumpkins are just a few of the crops grown by the Howe family. 

Halton Region

Harvest Goodies

Since 2007, Harvest Goodies has been driven to deliver the best of Ontario’s harvest to your table. Harvest Goodies makes salad dressings, jams, jellies, chutneys, pickles, and more.

Wellington County

Traditions Natural Greens

Organic mixed greens and baby spinach are available beginning in June through until November. 

Oxford County

Wonderful Microgreens

Sprouted and cut microgreens are a new product available at YFM in 2019.

Grown in Woodstock, these tender microgreens are packed with nutrition and flavour.

Norfolk County

Droogendyk Produce

Fresh, crisp romaine field lettuce and cauliflower are grown by the Droogendyk family near Scotland and are available June through to early October.

Holland Marsh

Chip’s Produce

Our celery is grown in the Holland March area of Ontario by Chip’s Produce. 

Available late June through to October.

Norfolk County

Shabatura Produce

Field crops are a specialty of this multi-generational farm family. Roma tomatoes, field tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, and cantaloupe are a few of the items that make their way to YFM each season.

Oxford County

Kingsbury Cloves

Garlic gloves are available August through December.

Catham-Kent County

Gladstone Farms

Sweet potatoes are an old world crop that has become popular locally due to it’s health and nutritional benefits. 

Sweet potatoes are available in the fall and spring.

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