At YFM, we believe in a few key values, but none is bigger than education. We believe it is of the utmost importance that you—yes, you—know where your food comes from. We are a network of interconnected farmers and customers that come together in a food ecosystem where quality is the top priority. Simply put, it’s all about you. It’s for that very reason that we called ourselves Your Farm Market. 

“We have strived to be different since day one,” explains Bernia Wheaton, YFM general manager. “With so much incredible food right here in our backyard, it only made sense to offer high-quality, local products and trusting that people would be receptive. We have been blown away with the reception that continues to this day.”

When we began, the goal was simple and largely unchanged from what we offer today: provide high quality, locally sourced food that is both nutritious and delicious. Today, more than 100 unique farmers and producers supply YFM who come from a range of backgrounds united by a desire to share their quality food. And it’s not just the farmers that are locally sourced, either. During the summer, we employ up to 40 staff, many of whom are students living in the area. Having such a youth movement inside the four walls of YFM always makes the market a lively, energetic atmosphere.

“We have always been known as a great place to get your first job,” says Wheaton. At peak season, the majority of YFM’s 40-odd employees running around are high school and college aged students. “Customers love the energy the young people bring to YFM.”

The food you see, purchase and enjoy from our store shelves does not just appear by chance. We talk to you, our customers. Ultimately, you drive YFM’s business. So, when cartloads of pumpkin pies arrive for Thanksgiving it’s because we hear loud and clear they are a hit and we need more. The same is true of fresh cheeses, vegetables, meats and more. We never have and never will operate in a vacuum with what we retail. At YFM, you are the driving force behind it. Hearing from our customers gives us such satisfaction and joy knowing that we can provide you and your family the types of foods you want that will be enjoyed and provide nourishment.

It’s why we have focused all our efforts to become a premier food hub showcasing southwestern Ontario’s farmers for nearly 20 years. 

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the customers who come back week after week and year after year,” says Wheaton. “You are the reason we are energized about what we do—bringing high-quality food to you.”