How do you say thank you to an employee or special person without a cheesy card from the drug store? You’re stumped, right? Not anymore. 

YFM has the perfect antidote to the gift giving blues: gift baskets! Never has playing Santa been so fun, or delicious.

Walk into the market and see our vast array of gift baskets and walk out with a thoughtful present perfect for anyone this holiday season. The best part? Every item is locally sourced from just miles of our front door.

Every gift basket contains items from local farms and producers. This underscores one of our guiding principles to support our local community. So, whether you want to say thank you to your employees, the babysitter, dog walker, hairstylist, mechanic or another deserving person in your life, a gift basket is a memorable and edible choice.

Each basket from YFM—which ranges in price from $15 to $125—contains multiple items from southwestern Ontario producers. “We specifically include items in sample sizes so recipients are able to enjoy a greater smattering of delectable options,” says Bernia Wheaton, YFM general manager. “When they take a nibble or sip of that amazing product, they know where to come to get the full-size version.” 

And it’s not a one size fits all approach either. Themed baskets have something for everyone. Whether it’s “For him” or “Movie Night,” we have you covered with the appropriate amount of cheese or chocolate. Or maybe that person would like a smattering of options. If that’s the case, the Oxford County basket offers foods from, you guessed it, all over the County. A Gunn’s Hill Cheese basket is as self-explanatory as it is delicious, while the Movie Night basket is the perfect cornucopia for you and your sweetheart to snuggle up and indulge over a flick.

Thinking corporate? We also provide an inclusion service where we can custom make a basket that contains your company’s swag, as well. Come to the market and ask any staff for more details or call during regular business hours. 519-320-0023.

What began last year is back by popular demand, so give us a call today and book your baskets. On orders of 10-plus baskets, we have a four-business day turnaround time and the deadline to place an order is Sunday, December 19th. 

A variety of pre-made baskets are available throughout December at the market.